Morari Valpolicella Superiore DOC

torre d'orti morari valpolicella superiore doc

It is the son of the Valpolicella tradition of dried grapes. 30% of our total production of Corvina Corvinone and Rondinella is selected in the vineyards and dried in small wooden trays in rooms with a particular exposition where natural ventilation is ensured. It is important that extreme care is taken during the drying process to arrive in January with healthy berries.

The vinification also requires attention due to the high sugar content and the low external temperatures. The maceration of 20 days requires a daily remontage. As the high alcohol content does not allow malolactic fermentation the wine is run off from the skins and transferred several times to tanks. It is then put in small oak barrels where it is left for 12 months on its lees with regular batonage.

You will find in this fruity wine a freshness that harmoniously balances the alcohol strength. The system and care used to produce this wine guarantees a perfect equilibrium in this important but drinkable wine. It shows an intensity of aroma with notes of cherry, black and blue berries, with touch of balsamic and white pepper spiciness. Minerality and softness in the mouth combined with soft tannins, guarantee a long finish.

The complexity and structure make this wine suitable for long ageing and ensures a great evolution of those rich fruity notes characteristic of a young vintage.

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