Amarone della Valpolicella DOC

torre d'orti amarone

The Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella and Oseleta grapes used for this wine come from the highest part of the vineyards, close by the watchtower. Thanks to the extraordinary exposition and natural ventilation a perfect healthy maturation can be achieved.

As in the old tradition, the grapes are put in a wooden tray and left to dry in a small hut at 350m above sea level where the optimum climatic conditions allow a natural drying to ensue.

In order to reach the best expression and complexity, the drying process is extended up to January. Then the traditional fermentation is made with mixed method of remontage and delastage. The fermentation due to the low temperature and high sugar content continues for 15-20 days. After several days’ maceration on the skins the wine is then drawn off and put into barriques. Only new French oak barriques are used for this Amarone Torre d’Orti. The ageing continues for 12 months and then the wine is blended in large botte, in which it is kept until bottling.

The low ph is exceptional for such a big wine and gives to the Amarone Torre d’Orti a deep vibrant colour and great drinkability. Even with the high alcohol level the structure and tannins make this wine sophisticated and balanced and capable of great ageing. The complex bouquet with an intense spiciness, especially pepper and cherries notes, makes easily recognisable on the nose the grape and the technique used and the provenience of this wine.

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